Timezones Meeting Planner - Time Difference Calculator

"What time is it in...?"Ever called somebody in some other part of the world and woken them up in the middle of the night? Want to set up a meeting with people in different places around the world? Well, then our timeszones Meeting Planner - Time Zone Converter is just what you need. It allows you to conveniently display the time of a number of countries at a glance. Hence, for any communication where different time zones are an issue, the Meeting Planer is the tool of your choice. It enables you to coordinate telephone conferences, Skype-meetings and international meetings, across time zones and continents. The Meeting Planner will display the time and date for any of the countries or cities you have chosen. You just pick the time and date as well as the places and the meeting planner will do the rest.


Just enter the name of the country or the city and select the country or city you are looking for. Please repeat this procedure until all times you are looking for are displayed.

Should our system not be able to find one of the cities you are looking for and you do not know in which country/region this city is located, do send us a message please. Thank you for helping us to improve our service.